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Capturing the power of confidence

You deserve to love yourself fully and feel unstoppable. 

In a society where our sensuality is commonly seen in a dim light,  It's important for to take this expression and turn it into something truly special. Self-love. 

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Hi, I'm Maura!

Let me show you the strength, courage, and beauty you've had all along.

I love seeing the burst of confidence that comes through after the end of my sessions. It reminds me every time why I love what I do. The reactions and appreciation I get are always so rewarding,

  • I only shoot boudoir photography and never shot anything else in my career. I continue to get inspired, so I'm just as excited for my last session. I've photographed women of all body types and have women of all comfort levels come to me.

  • I am working on creating my lingerie brand to help you pick the perfect outfits when planning your session with me. I honestly can't wait!

  • I enjoy cooking and reading cookbooks. Learning and experimenting with new ingredients, especially spices, makes me happy. Farmers' markets have a special place in my heart.

Here's a little more about me.
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