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4 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

You may think you need the perfect excuse to book a boudoir session, but the truth don't.

There is no limit to the number of ways a boudoir session makes you feel, but read along as I outline the 4 most common reasons to dive into the world of boudoir.

Photo of a woman in natural light, touching her hip with her left hand. She has a bracelet on and an engagement ring with acrylic nails. Photo by Lace Boudoir Photography in San Francisco.
Lace Boudoir Photography in San Francisco, CA

They Put a Ring on It

One very special reason to book a boudoir session is that you just got engaged! Orrr, you might be deep in the engagement stage and still in search for the perfect gift for your partner on your wedding day. One of our favorite gifts of all time is the gift of boudoir. Take your fiancé's breath away with a customized album of intimate photos for their eyes only. These photos can have as many personal touches as you want and are a great way to highlight what you love about your partner, yourself, and your relationship. Many clients choose to show off their engagement ring with close-up shots. Others opt for a lacey white lingerie set or their bridal veil. No matter what you choose to wear, your photos will live on for a lifetime and commemorate a special time in both of your lives as a married couple.

Photo of a woman's body kneeling on a bed barefoot with a black mesh catsuit. Boudoir photo in natural light from the shoulders down. Photo by Lace Boudoir Photography in San Francisco.
Lace Boudoir Photography San Francisco

It's Ya Birthday

Aside from work promotions or personal victories, we only get one opportunity a year to celebrate ourselves exclusively. Whether you're the type to celebrate your birthday, birth-week, or birth-month, a boudoir shoot is the perfect gift to give yourself. It's also a great gift idea for a friend or partner. Boudoir is all about celebrating the skin you're in and learning to own it. It is a great way to document a specific time in your life and have something to look back on and smile at. Be sure to ask your photographer about their glam packages prior to booking your shoot. Lace Boudoir in San Francisco invites you to get ready with their hair and makeup team while you sit back, relax, and enjoy some champagne. The best part about booking a shoot on your birthday is that you're already ready to go out and celebrate with your friends while looking and feeling absolutely fabulous.

Woman with wavy, long blondish brown hair poses in a bathroom in a maroon panty set. She is looking to the right putting on lipstick. Photo by Lace Boudoir Photography in San Francisco.
Photo by Lace Boudoir Photography

Celebrating an Anniversary

I love shooting for women that want to celebrate their anniversary with a boudoir shoot. Relationships are hard work and it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. A boudoir album for your partner is an amazing anniversary gift because it reignites the spark and offers a little bit of mystery to spice things up. Boudoir photos are not always fully nude. In fact, most women prefer to have a tasteful amount of coverage at all times. One fun way to incorporate your partner in your boudoir shoot is to borrow an item of their clothing to rock during the shoot (ie. button down shirt or tie). Another idea is to take some of your photos in their home office while they are away. That will be sure to surprise them and put a smile on their face.

Woman with dark skin and voluminous black, curly hair poses on a bed with white sheets in natural light. In a kneeling, seated position, one hand is around her stomach and the other grabbing the inside corner of her pink velvet bralette. Lace Boudoir Photography in San Francisco took the photo.
Lace Boudoir Photography in San Francisco

An Act of Self-Love

With the constant comparison we see on social media, it is harder to love yourself now more than ever. It is important to have a support system full of people who hype you up and remind you just how amazing you are. Boudoir can be an act of radical self-love and a reminder that you are your biggest supporter. Boudoir sessions can be a celebration of your power, your femininity, your body and the natural beauty you possess inside and out. These shoots are some of my favorites because my clients are always so happy to see the photos in the end. Seeing yourself in a new, sexy way can feel empowering and give you the confidence boost you need to get to the next step in your life, whatever it is.

To sum it up, any reason is a good reason to book a boudoir shoot. It is all about owning your body and celebrating your beauty, whether it's for you or someone else.

When booking a boudoir session in the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to check out Lace Boudoir Photography for the best luxury boudoir photography experience.

If you've made it this far and want to learn more about the boudoir experience, download our FREE boudoir guide where we go over all of the tips and tricks to make your photo session one to remember, no matter the reason or occasion.

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