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Accessories to Wear During a Boudoir Session

As we all know, accessories can be a make or break component in any photo shoot. There's nothing like getting an earring caught in your hair, or a run in your stockings at the worst moment. When choosing accessories for a boudoir session, it is important to be thoughtful and minimal in your decisions. Boudoir is all about showcasing you; your accessories should only play a side role. As a professional boudoir photographer that has worked with a full range of clients, I'm going to reveal the top 3 types of accessories that my clients choose to rock during their sessions.

The boudoir photo was taken with natural light and is zoomed in on a woman’s hip in a boudoir pose. She is showing off her hand with an engagement ring, and is draped in a white sheet while posing for a boudoir photo. LACE Boudoir Photography took the photo. See more at
LACE Boudoir Photography San Francisco

Simple Jewelry

I encourage my clients to wear simple, minimal jewelry during their boudoir photo sessions. Stick with silver or gold, and keep it light. Gorjana has affordable, quality jewelry; their layering bracelets are dainty, light, move easily with your body, and do not snag or get caught on your clothes. If you're on trend and already have permanent bracelets, do not worry about removing them. They look great through the lens and are a great way to let your personality shine through.

Where are our ring girls at? Engagement rings and wedding bands are a welcome addition to any outfit. You can also stack rings to your liking, but make sure to leave the chunky, colored ones at home this time around.

Stock photo of strappy, red high heels sitting on a counter top next to a plant, next to a window with the ocean in the background.

Hi, heels!

Wearing high heels or stilettos to your boudoir shoot is a guaranteed way to spice up your photos. There is something about a great pair of heels leave my clients feeling especially empowered, and I am SO here for it. When picking out your shoes for a photo shoot, keep these things in mind:

  • They do not have to be comfortable. You won't be wearing them for a long period of time and you can take them off during outfit changes, or at any point throughout the shoot.

  • Shoes are a statement piece. This is the only accessory where I will tell you to go as crazy as you want. As long as your shoes complement the rest of your outfit, no problems here. Have fun with it!

The boudoir photo was taken in a kitchen with soft light with a woman leaning against the countertop in a boudoir pose. She is looking down at her hands and her garter belt while posing for a boudoir photo. She is wearing black lingerie with a half-buttoned white shirt. LACE Boudoir Photography took the photo. See more at
Bay Area Boudoir Photography

Garter Belts & More

Your accessories should reflect your personality, but can also be a way to take a baby step outside of your comfort zone. If wearing stilettos just isn't your thing, another sexy accessory to incorporate in your photo shoot is a garter belt. These can be worn alone with a pair of bottoms (cheeky panties, thong, etc.) or paired with a gorgeous pair of stockings. If you prefer more coverage, garter skirts are an option as well. I love garters because they are usually not worn in the bedroom or seen in everyday wear. It can be something you wear to differentiate your outfit for your shoot and surprise anyone that is lucky enough to see the final edits.

I hope you found the accessory inspiration you were seeking for your next boudoir shoot. When in doubt, keep it simple, but do not be afraid to use accessories to take your outfits to the next level. There are so many great options out there.

For outfit tips and more, download my FREE guide that walks you through all of the FAQ's for your upcoming boudoir shoot. Or, check out my blog - I release new content weekly that will have you feeling more confident and inspired when it comes to the world of boudoir.

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would love to shoot with you! Book a consultation with me to get started, or visit the LACE Boudoir Photography website to find more information.

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