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Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas From Your Wardrobe (2023)

What to wear for the boudoir photoshoot? It is a very common question that customers frequently asked while preparing for boudoir photography. For your convenience, we have put together some ideas about dressing for boudoir photography. Learn about the ways to present your beauty and which style work best on your body.

What should I wear for boudoir photoshoots?

Many women think that is all nude or just sexy lacy lingerie. But this is not true. There are lots of choices for outfits as well as props for a sexy photography shoot. Boudoir photographers can make women feel and look amazing for their intimate boudoir photo shoots.

Here are some clothing ideas to wear for Boudoir shoots:

Crop top

A tank top or a T-shirt that you have in your wardrobe can be the simplest way to capture sexy photos. You can bring it to the boudoir photographer or a studio; they can transform it into something sexy by wetting it down or cutting it into something super sexy.


An off-shoulder, cozy, and chunky sweater can be the right outfit choice for luxury boudoir shoots. It offers a modest sexy look when coupled with cotton lingerie. It is a great option for women who feel shy in front of a camera.


Take your sheer or sexy silk robe for your boudoir photo session to have a couple of nice images. It can be an ideal choice to go over the lingerie while you are warming up and making yourself comfortable or completely strip down for some anonymous photo shoot.


If you love heels, it is a great idea to look sexy in boudoir photos. You can take your favorite red heels to the studio and get a few sexy images. Nude or black heels will also work great for the boudoir photo shoots. If you are a heel lover and have many pairs of heels, boudoir shoots can be an ideal way to present your unique, gorgeous, and expensive pumps. Heels will give your photos a unique personality and make them special to you.


It is not difficult to get sexy. You can use simple jeans to show off your sexy side. You can wear your favorite pair of jeans for a boudoir photo session. Get the jeans that make your booty appear sexy and wear them with a sexy and comfortable bra or bralette. If you want some additional booty cleavage, try cutoff shorts instead of jeans.

Cocktail Dress

Every woman will like to display their beautiful photo in their home but may feel uncomfortable for everyone to hang an image of themselves in lingerie over the mantel. Instead, you can get a fancy cocktail outfit or sexy short black dress to shoot boudoir photographs. A cocktail dress is ideal for bridal boudoir photography. Go to LACE Boudoir Photography in San Francisco Bay Area to have the best sexy photoshoot.

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