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Themes to Inspire Your Next Boudoir Session

Updated: Mar 10

Booking a boudoir shoot can be nerve-wracking, and we totally get it!

Some thoughts that may be running through your head:

“I've never posed in front of a camera like this before"

“I don't know if I will like how these come out”

“What the hell do I wear?!”

As an experienced boudoir photographer, I have worked with many women thinking these same things leading up to the big day. It is my job to make sure you're feeling comfortable and confident during your shoot, so let's kick off the planning process by choosing a theme!

A theme can help harness your nervous energy and give you ideas on what to wear for your photo session, and the mood that you want to portray with your poses. Based on your personality, comfort level, and desired outcome, one of these may work for you. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The boudoir photo was taken with natural light with the woman in a smiling and relaxed laying in bed boudoir pose. She is wearing a white slip dress set with a pearl necklace, and french manicure while lying on bed set with white sheets. LACE Boudoir Photography took the photo.  See more at
San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography

Soft and Elegant

This is the most popular theme with our brides. White lingerie is a must, whether it's a teddy (pictured left) or a lacy two-piece set. Your lingerie will inspire the mood of your shoot, as well as the way we pose you. Don't be afraid to pack some options. Some accessories to pack for bridal and engagement boudoir sessions are a veil, a pearl headband, and of course, an engagement ring. These pieces add elegance and femininity to your photos and make them even more special later on. Lastly, you may want to bring a white satin robe to wear between outfits, plus it's one of our favorite pieces to wear on its own!

The boudoir photo was taken with natural light with the woman smiling and relaxed lounging in a kitchen in  boudoir pose. She is wearing a soft oversized t- shirt , white panty set while smiling and posing for a boudoir photo. LACE Boudoir Photography took the photo.  See more at
San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography

Cozy and Confident

If you're shy in front of a camera or are a bit more conservative, this may be the theme for you. Boudoir can be anything you want it to be and is all about finding ways to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. For this shoot, think about packing a cute, cheeky pair of boy shorts, or a matching cotton set. Make sure to bring an oversize t-shirt, a button-up, or your favorite chunky sweater. These pieces can be used to layer, and can be sexier than lingerie itself! For hair and makeup, we recommend soft curls or a messy bun with a velvet or silk scrunchie for the perfect effortless look.

The boudoir photo was taken in natural lgihting, with the woman posed in a seductive boudoir pose on  on a bed with white sheets. She's waering a sultry black and silver lace lingerie set with a garder .LACE Boudoir Photography took the photo.  See more at
San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photography

Sultry and Seductive

This is our favorite boudoir theme for the ladies that want to embrace their wild side. Have that lingerie set you've never had the courage to take the tags off? We would love to help you show it off and feel amazing in the process. We recommend wearing a black lingerie set and pairing it with some close-toed heels to spice up your outfit. Thigh-highs and nylons make us drool every time, and serve as the perfect accessory to level up your boudoir look. Complete the look with a little red lipstick or a soft smoky eye.

In summary, a boudoir is for every woman, whether you are celebrating a special once-in-a-lifetime moment, putting together a thoughtful gift for your partner, or just celebrating all that you are! There is a theme that can help get you started, no matter the occasion. When booking a boudoir session in the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to check out Lace Boudoir Photography for the best luxury boudoir photography experience.

If you've made it this far and want to learn more about the boudoir experience, download our FREE boudoir guide where we go over all of the tips and tricks to make your photo session one to remember.

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